Cain’s congressional bid receives the best kind of endorsement: one that comes with cash

Sen. Emily Cain’s bid for election to the U.S. Congress will be buoyed by an influx of money and other support following the announcement Wednesday that she has received a “full recommendation” from an influential and deep-pocketed national group called EMILY’s List.

If Cain makes it through the primary election, in which she’ll face up to three opponents including Sen. Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, Bangor City Council Councilor Joe Baldacci (who hasn’t officially entered the race but has expressed interest) and Alden Smith of Sangerville, the cash from EMILY’s List will provide a boost to a race that will already be the focus of huge spending from national groups vying to claim a rare open seat in Congress. 

Does EMILY’s List backing Cain sound familiar? That’s because it is.

In July, the organization announced it was putting Cain “On the List,” meaning she’d enjoy exposure to and networking with the organization’s 2 million members. Wednesday’s announcement that Cain now has the group’s full recommendation means she’ll be the subject of the one thing campaigns need almost as much as votes: cash. 

Cain is one of five challengers for the U.S. House of Representatives on EMILY’s List, and the only one so far who has received a full recommendation. Last year, the organization raised and spent $52 million on elections.

Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List, said Cain’s defense of women’s health care, emphasis on education and leadership on ethics reform earned her the organization’s support.

“The EMILY’s List community, now more than 2 million strong, is thrilled to help her become the first Democratic woman elected to Maine’s 2nd Congressional District,” said Schriock. “Earlier this year, Emily helped avert a shutdown of Maine’s government. Congress could take a lesson from her pragmatic leadership as we begin day 9 of the federal government shutdown.”

Cain was first elected to the Maine House of Representatives in 2004 at age 24, where she served for eight years culminating in a post as the House Minority Leader. She is now serving her first term in the Maine Senate.

Cain said in a written statement that Wednesday’s full recommendation from EMILY’s List was a “significant milestone” in the campaign.


Christopher Cousins

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