Outside groups spend $14 million on Maine state elections

Outside groups have spent about 3.5 times the $4 million they spent in 2010 to influence Maine’s gubernatorial and state-level elections, just one day before voters go to the polls.

The spending comes as incumbent Republican Gov. Paul LePage and Democrat Mike Michaud are neck-and-neck in the latest polling and as Democrats fight to keep control of the state Senate.

Spending in the gubernatorial race by outside groups peaked in mid-October for groups seeking to elect Michaud, with a slight uptick in spending last week from groups support LePage.

Take a detailed look at the dynamics in outside spending in the race in our views below.

As for the Legislature, it’s clear which seats both parties are battling over the most, with the vast majority of money spent on Senate races.

See which races are attracting the most outside cash in the views below and use the bar chart of total spending by district to see the dynamics of each individual contest.

Darren Fishell

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