Environmental guru Brownie Carson running for Maine Senate and guess who’s backing him

Good morning from the Daily Brief. It’s already 2016 in New Zealand! Happy New Year, New Zealand! Oh, and Samoa!

(The Daily Brief’s readership on the other side of the world could be better, so I thought I’d give them a shout-out. I know you understand. Let’s just hope they’re not already in bed.)

The politics front is relatively quiet today unless you’re subscribed to a slew of email lists from PACs and political parties, like I am. I always know when a fundraising deadline is approaching because my inbox is full of hyperventilating emails. Mike Shepherd already told you about Emily Cain’s dog sniffing around for cash, but consider these subject lines, all of which I’ve received since Monday:

  • BRUTAL news” was the subject line from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. What’s the brutal news? Paul Ryan is giving Republican candidates $2 million. “We’re so sorry to send you this alarming email during the holidays, but…”
  • Drum roll.” That one was from Steny Hoyer’s AMERIPAC. They’ve already given more than $400,000 to vulnerable Democrats and according to the email, it was all thanks to me. You’re welcome, Steny, though I’ve never given you so much as a penny.
  • “Quick thought.” This was from “Debbie (personal),” who wants me to help “send the message that Democrats are ready for what 2016 has in store.” I’ve done my part by mentioning you in the Daily Brief, Debbie (personal).
  • “Just one more day…” I opened this one immediately because I’m always on the lookout for news about Armageddon. You can relax, it was just the Maine Women’s Lobby looking for a donation.
  • “Drowning in emails?!” Yes, DCCC, I am. Including at least two a day from you with subject lines like “giving up” and “AWFUL news” and “Donald Trump ANGRY.” You’re bogarting my holiday cheer, D-trip.
  • “Read this (a few seconds)” That one, straight from Barack Obama, remains unopened. I know it’d take only a few seconds but those are MY seconds.
  • “We’re confused.” Yet another email from the DCCC, who should keep some statements to themselves if they want to win.
  • “Help plan Maple Festival.” Oh wait, that one’s from Main Street Skowhegan. They’re OK.
  • Say goodbye to $20.15.” At least when the Maine Heritage Policy Center asks for money, they recognize what a painful farewell it is for guys like me.

You’ll do more good donating your money to your local soup kitchen, in my opinion. Or helping with the Maple Festival. Happy New Year, folks. — Christopher Cousins

Brownie Carson running for Senate

Candidates for the 2016 legislative elections are starting to file their paperwork and there are some interesting tidbits emerging. One is that Everett “Brownie” Carson, the 26-year director of the influential Natural Resources Council of Maine, has filed paperwork to run for the Maine Senate district representing Brunswick, Harpswell, Freeport and Pownal.

As one of the state’s leading environmental issues voices, Carson, a Harpswell Democrat, certainly has name recognition and a high profile, so his chances at taking the seat currently held by Sen. Stan Gerzofsky, who is term limited out of office, look good although no Republican or other candidate has yet thrown names into the race.

Carson has the backing of former Democratic two-term Senate President Beth Edmonds, who according to his Maine Ethics Commission filing is Carson’s treasurer. — Christopher Cousins

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Yay LaPage! Wait, LaPage?

As someone who has occasionally spelled a name incorrectly (just this week I made a Gerry “Jerry”), I’m treading on thin ice here, but I couldn’t help notice an embarrassing press release from FreedomWorks on Wednesday. It congratulates our governor for his continued opposition to the expansion of Medicaid under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. At least, I think they’re talking about our governor. Here’s your soundtrack.

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