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Maine bids to rename Columbus Day, Clean Election system falter

Good morning from Augusta. What’s in a name? A lot, as history has shown. What we call things has a lot to do with the development of public perception. It’s no accident that President Barack Obama’s administration called his health care bill the Affordable Care Act and that the campaign to label it a failure […]

This small Maine political operation started the Trump-LL Bean commotion

President-elect Donald Trump turned his hot Twitter light on Maine on Thursday, backing L.L. Bean and company heiress Linda Bean after her donations to a pro-Trump committee led to an effort from progressives to boycott the outfitter. But though her donation to the pro-Trump group has drawn global attention, it is relatively minor in the context […]

Trump hires Maine campaign director, plans Thursday visit to Portland

Good morning from August, where July, it seems like we hardly knew you. ‘Tis the season of vacations and I took mine last week. It was more of a stay-cation for me. I holed up in my hometown of South Paris, where there’s a nice in-ground pool in the family and where I was able […]