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Roundup: The King’s Olympics, Cain’s cash and adjunct professors’ union

Not many Mainers could afford to go to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi this February. I know I couldn’t. But two people who could probably afford it, Maine’s U.S. Sens. Angus King and Susan Collins, have widely different takes on whether they’d considering going at all. The Sochi Olympics have been eyed with skepticism […]

Michaud wins endorsement of state employees union. Surprise!

As the 2014 election nears — sometimes its hard to remember it’s still more than a year away — we’ll be inundated with press releases and notifications that groups throughout the state have thrown their weight behind a particular candidate in a particular race. Some will be surprises, others will be predictable. For savvy political […]

Today’s big question: When will the civil emergency end?

UPDATE: Per a 3 p.m. press release by Gov. LePage, the civil emergency has been lifted. “Iā€™m pleased that State government is back to normal and Mainers are back to work,ā€ said LePage. ā€œI want to thank Maine State employees for their patience during these past couple weeks. This federal shutdown caused a tremendous amount […]